Annual Reports

ACPP Annual Report 2013

Rome wasn't built in a day. Great accomplishments require time and persistence. However small the things we do today may seem, they can play a huge role in shaping the tomorrow that future generations will know. ACPP members have long understood the value of building toward the long term. Their support has helped ACPP rise from the grass roots to become a trusted, reliable voice in meeting halls and news media across the state. And their ongoing work to keep the interests of our most vulnerable friends and neighbors at the forefront of the public debate is laying a foundation for a stronger Alabama for everyone.

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ACPP Annual Report 2012

If you've ever been to an ACPP annual meeting, you know "the dots" are more than a metaphor for scattered elements of the Big Picture. They're a tool that members use to make their policy concerns visible. As a member-driven organization, ACPP's policy agenda takes shape from the ground up. Our members are the eyes and ears, the hands and voices that keep our policy work grounded and accountable. Those dots aren't just stickers on the wall. They're a roadmap to a better Alabama.

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ACPP Annual Report 2011

It starts with conversation. In summer listening sessions, at the September annual meeting, in fall issue previews and at our biennial spring policy conference, ACPP members put democracy in action by identifying community concerns and shaping policy proposals to address them.

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ACPP Annual Report 2010

The cost of two weeks' groceries. That's what Alabama's 4 percent sales tax adds to every family's grocery bill every year. In the best of times, it's a big bite out of the household budget. In times like these, for thousands of hard-working families, it means tough decisions about what to do without. With your help, our "untax groceries" campaign soon will put this outdated tax where it belongs -- in the history books.

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ACPP Annual Report 2009

As health care reform moved to the forefront of national policy priorities, ACPP kicked off a new initiative to examine the special health care challenges and opportunities facing a high-poverty state like Alabama. Our Health Care Access Conference on Feb. 10, 2009, co-sponsored by Alabama Appleseed Center for Law & Justice and supported by a grant from the Public Welfare Foundation, drew more than 300 health care consumers and providers, policymakers, faith leaders, educators and others to Birmingham-Southern College.

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