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Arise Daily News Digest 10-23-2016

AL.COM - Alabama ballot 2016: Amendment 13 would do away with age limits for trustees.

AL.COM - Alabama students protest national anthem before Texas A&M game.

AL.COM - Alabama mayor under investigation after postponing runoff elections.

AL.COM – Columnist John Archibald: One way or another, Gov. Bentley's goose is cooked.

THE GUARDIAN - I spent 28 years on death row.

THE GUARDIAN - 'It's a bloodbath': staff describe life inside America's most violent prison.

EDUCATION MATTERS - Larry Lee: Hard To Get Blood From A Turnip

DECATUR DAILY - The Decatur Daily: Clinton is the better choice.

DECATUR DAILY - Reporter Mary Sell’s Capital Notebook: Alabama businesses claim more than $70M in tax credits.

DECATUR DAILY - Senator says he relays spending concerns about multiple agencies.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - The Times Daily: The good, the bad.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Panel to address Alabama gambling laws.

ANNISTON STAR - What happens to kids taken by Human Resources?

ANNISTON STAR - Editor Bob Davis: Breaking the stiff partisan resistance in Washington.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Trump's populist message gave him an early lock on Alabama.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor Vanzetta McPherson: Our bodies our won.

DOTHAN EAGLE - Once predictable, 2nd Congressional seat now uncertain.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle: Political meltdown.

WASHINGTON POST - Buoyed by rising polls, Clinton shifts to a new target: the House and Senate.

WASHINGTON POST - Donald Trump vows to sue his accusers, lashes out at media.

WASHINGTON POST - ‘If I could afford to leave, I would.’ In Flint, a water crisis with no end in sight.

WASHINGTON POST - As Trump delivers his Gettysburg address, Republicans prepare for a civil war.

WASHINGTON POST - Donald Trump jokes that it’s okay for his supporters to commit voter fraud.

WASHINGTON POSTThe Washington Post: The good and bad news on climate change.

WASHINGTON POST – Columnist Ruth Marcus: Taking Trump to court: The evidence against a nasty man.

WASHINGTON POST – Contributor Lev Golinkin: My mother is vetted every day of her life.

NEW YORK TIMES - Donald Trump Pledges to ‘Heal Divisions’ (and Sue His Accusers)

NEW YORK TIMES - Outside Money Favors Hillary Clinton at a 2-to-1 Rate Over Donald Trump

NEW YORK TIMES - Gay Republican Group Declines to Endorse Donald Trump

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Nicholas Kristof: Can Trump Help Us Bridge the ‘God Gulf’?

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Ross Douthat: The Dangers of Hillary Clinton

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH - 5 more states vote on minimum wages as federal wage stalls.

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