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Arise Daily News Digest 11-20-2014

AL.COM - Medicare fraud settlements generated much of $7.5 million collected by north Alabama federal prosecutors.

AL.COM -Gov. Bentley on a deeper budget hole: 'We don't have enough money to cover what we owe'.

AL.COM - Wyoming Republican Michael Enzi challenging Alabama's Jeff Sessions for chairman of Budget Committee.

AL.COM – Columnist John Archibald:  Mike Hubbard lawyers demand tapes of media conversations with AG, trade jabs with prosecutors.

AL.COM - Fewer Alabama teens having babies, more good and bad numbers from Kids Count Data Book.

AL.COM - Republican redistricting 'farce' tried to eliminate white Democrats, Joe Reed says.

AL.COM - Kids Count Alabama annual report shows more living in poverty; demographics changing.

AL.COM - Report: Wilcox County's GD Copper votes to join steelworkers union.

AL.COM - President Obama to unveil immigration plan in Thursday night address.

AL.COM - Obama's executive order could cover as many as 15,000 undocumented immigrants in Alabama.

AL.COM - GOP blasts Democrat chief's comments that white Alabama voters should 'use their brains': Today in state politics.

AL.COM – Columnist Cameron Smith:  If Democratic Party leaders in Alabama were football coaches, would they keep their jobs?

AL.COM – Contributor Pepper Bryars:  Senator Jeff Sessions is now a man with a plan.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Davis Addresses False Allegations Made by Hubbard and His Attorney

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Hubbard Attorney Reacts To Davis Statements

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Reporter Bill Britt:  Beware:  You Are Next

LOS ANGELES TIMES - The Los Angeles Times:  Alabama a glaring example of problems with the death penalty.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - The Times Daily:  Regulation of Internet would benefit public.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Ala. House Speaker Mike Hubbard vows bold GOP reforms.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star:  Montgomery money woes.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Columnist Josh Moon:  Unions aren't the problem for Alabama workers.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser:  Law 'rolls' budgets back too far.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - More than 40 become American citizens at Ala. Ceremony.

TRUSSVILLE TRIBUNE - Columnist Steve Flowers’ Inside the Statehouse: Gov. Bentley was unbeatable this election year.

WASHINGTON POST - Obama’s immigration order poses political challenges for both parties.

WASHINGTON POST - State-level spending grew last year, thanks largely to Obamacare.

WASHINGTON POST - Few employers dropping health benefits, surveys find.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist George Will:  The Justice Department becomes a schoolyard bully in Wisconsin.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Harold Meyerson:  Obama calculates the human cost of deportations.

WASHINGTON POST - In Alabama, traffic woes vs. Southern charm.

NEW YORK TIMES - Immigration Has Republican Governors Seething and Facing Practical Challenges

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times:  At Long Last, Immigration Action

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Charles Blow:  The Solid South Will Rise Again

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Nicholas Kristof:  Do Politicians Love Kids?

Arise Daily News Digest 11-19-2014

AL.COM - Should Alabama switch to appointed judges? Study argues it would improve economy.

AL.COM - Alabama Republicans say they will keep working to break through with black GOP candidates.

AL.COM - Alabama Acting AG says probe of Mike Hubbard no 'witch hunt,' explains why.

AL.COM - U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks sponsors bill to bring legal action against Obama over immigration dispute.

AL.COM – Contributor Paige Goldman:  One Roof events spotlight National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week

AL.COM - British pharmaceutical maker to open first U.S. manufacturing facility in Birmingham; create 200 jobs as part of $29 million investment.

AL.COM - Shaken by International Paper closure, Courtland receives $32K grant to begin long-range recovery plan.

AL.COM - Gun laws drove us to Alabama, Remington CEO confirms to New York officials.

AL.COM - Whitewash? Hogwash, say Alabama Democrats in today's political update.

AL.COM - How to find money and gold: Alabama treasurer holds unclaimed tax refunds, guns, coins and even an Olympic gold medal.

AL.COM - Alabama joins other states in fighting Maryland ban on assault weapons.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Hubbard Granted Continuance While PR Blitzkrieg Rages

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Lt. Gov. Ivey Ranked Among Top GOP Female Lawmakers

SENATE SKETCHES - “Senate Sketches,” Sen. Hank Sanders’ weekly message to his constituents.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - The Times Daily:  Poverty is hard to escape.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star:  You might be a journalist.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Alabama has long, hard road to criminal justice reform.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Homeless children in Alabama: It's bad.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor W. Van Davis:  Hubbard wrong about prosecution.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser:  Alabama has high student debt rate.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - In Alabama, traffic woes vs. Southern charm.

WASHINGTON POST - Democrats block Keystone pipeline, but GOP vows new fight when it takes over.

WASHINGTON POST - How progressive advocates are using the state-by-state approach of the same-sex marriage movement for other issues.

WASHINGTON POST - State prisons projected to grow 3 percent by 2018.

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor Brent Staples:  The Racist Origins of Felon Disenfranchisement

NEW YORK TIMES - Senate Republicans Block Overhaul of N.S.A. Program

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributors Pamela Hartzband and Jerome Groopman:  How Medical Care Is Being Corrupted

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor Thomas Edsall:  Republicans Sure Love to Hate Unions

NEW YORK TIMES – Editor Teresa Tritch:  Collecting Debts on Dubious Foreclosures

USA TODAY - Racial gap in U.S. arrest rates: 'Staggering disparity'.

WALL STREET JOURNAL - Where Do Poverty and Inequality in the U.S. Overlap?

Arise Daily News Digest 11-17-2014

AL.COM - Alabama officials mulling plans to add more troopers by using cost savings.

AL.COM – Contributor Quin Hilyer: Legislative quiet doesn't mean legislative ease.

DECATUR DAILY - Alabama’s budget blues: Bice wants non-educational items cut from education budget, suggests 3-year plan.

DECATUR DAILY - The Decatur Daily: We can relieve hunger in Morgan County.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Over Bentley’s objections, Golden Dragon plant votes for union.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Affordable Care Act enrollment: A Q & A.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - UA hosting discussion on reshaping state's image.

WASHINGTON POST - GOP leaders set sights on tax reform but fret over newly combative Obama.

WASHINGTON POST - When lawyers stumble, only their clients fall: In at least 80 capital cases in which attorneys have missed the deadline, it is almost always the prisoner alone who suffers the consequences.

WASHINGTON POST - Executive order on immigration would ignite a political firestorm.

WASHINGTON POST - Child homelessness in U.S. hit all-time high in recent years, new report says.

NEW YORK TIMES - Indictment of Ex-Official Raises Questions on Mississippi’s Private Prisons

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Charles Blow: Partisanship Breaks the Government

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Paul Krugman: When Government Succeeds

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor Steven Rattner: Inequality, Unbelievably, Gets Worse

THE NATION - Why Women Should Get the Rest of the Year Off

THE NATION - The Value of Whiteness: A lawsuit is being waged against the “wrongful birth” of a black child.

THE CRIMSON-WHITE - Football aside, Mississippi, Alabama still just fighting not to be last.

Arise Daily News Digest 11-16-2014

AL.COM - The men who helped shape a red tide in Alabama look back on how it happened.

AL.COM - Dispatches from the Reddest of the Red: Larry Dixon grows from one of four GOP legislators to a guy who doesn't have to think much about Democrats.

AL.COM - Dispatches from the Reddest of the Red: Frank Ellis, Mike Hill were early adopters in solid-red Shelby County.

AL.COM - Gov. Robert Bentley expected to announce major economic development project in Jefferson County.

AL.COM Marty Connors remembers Jimmy Carter, the KKK and the vote that started to turn Alabama solid red.

AL.COM - Sessions: Obama supportive of Navy's littoral combat ship program.

AL.COM - Two Alabama Republican House members blast 'stupidity' remark from Obama health adviser.

DECATUR DAILY - As white Dems disappear, parties splitting on racial lines.

DECATUR DAILY - The Decatur Daily:  Net neutrality benefits the public.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - Officials hope funds shift back to state schools.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - Reporter Mary Sell’s Capital Notebook:  Henry: Gun bill back in 2015.

GADSDEN TIMES - Reagan, Bush acted alone on immigration.

GADSDEN TIMES - Working poor increase demands on charitable groups.

ANNISTON STAR - State budget savings could be directed toward trooper shortage.

ANNISTON STAR - Heflin’s John Merrill has big plans for state office.

ANNISTON STAR - Publisher H. Brandt Ayers: GOP won; republic saved.

ANNISTON STAR - Editor Bob Davis: Drawing lines in Alabama politics.

ANNISTON STAR - Contributor Lesley Searcy:  The coliseum effect in Alabama.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Alabama has long, hard road to criminal justice reform.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Columnist Josh Moon:  Don't buy the net neutrality spin.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser:  Can Thomas lead reforms at DOC?

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor Stephen Stetson:  Public transportation best road for Alabama.

DOTHAN EAGLE - Lack of funding at root of mental healthcare issue.

WASHINGTON POST - McConnell’s promise of no shutdowns will be tested by Senate’s staunch conservatives.

WASHINGTON POST - Lethal mix: Lawyers’ mistakes, unforgiving law.

WASHINGTON POST - HealthCare.gov opens without major problems for second enrollment period.

WASHINGTON POST - Yes, the top 1 percent paid 24 percent of all taxes in 2011. But let’s put that in context.

WASHINGTON POST - Contributor Stan McChrystal:  How a national service year can repair America.

NEW YORK TIMES - Some New Frustrations as Health Exchange Opens

NEW YORK TIMES – The New York Times:  Warning Signs From Commodity Prices.

Arise Daily News Digest 11-15-2014

AL.COM - Former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy released from federal probation supervision.

AL.COM - Spencer Bachus, Alabama congressional delegation vote to approve Keystone XL pipeline.

AL.COM - Judge dismisses lawsuit seeking to block operation of Huntsville abortion clinic.

AL.COM - Alabama securities fraud charges dismissed against CEO of Canadian company; RSA to get $21 million in settlement.

AL.COM - Alabama Legislature might tweak law that caps education spending.

AL.COM - U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks joins GOP push to cut funding for possible Obama immigration action.

AL.COM - Six-figure federal grant to assist clean water education in Alabama.

AL.COM - Alabama group calls on President Obama to 'go big' when it comes to immigration reform.

AL.COM - Alabama's only openly gay lawmaker naming anti-discrimination bill for Apple CEO Tim Cook: Today in state politics.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Stutts Up After Provisional Ballot Count

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Sessions and Byrne Accuse Obama Of Doing Energy Deal Without Congress

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Roby Says Obamacare Was Built On A Foundation Of Lies

ANNISTON STAR - House GOP shoots down local Congressman's earmarks plan.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: Alabama's mental-health laws must change.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - Board denies $1 million claim to family of slain Auburn student Lauren Burk.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - Judge sets hearing on Alabama double dipping law.

WASHINGTON POST - Congressional Republicans consider using short-term funding bill to pressure Obama.

WASHINGTON POST - Forty percent of new U.S. marriages are remarriages, report finds.

NEW YORK TIMES - Cost of Coverage Under Affordable Care Act to Increase in 2015

NEW YORK TIMES - Health Care’s Next Test: Getting More to Enroll

NEW YORK TIMES - Battle Over Immigration Poses Risks for G.O.P.

Arise Daily News Digest 11-14-2014

AL.COM - What is net neutrality? What is at stake and why you should care.

AL.COM - Sen. Jeff Sessions vows to fight President Obama's immigration plan: 'It's a threat to Constitutional order'.

AL.COM - Jeff Sessions blasts Obama's agreement with China on carbon emissions.

AL.COM - Poarch Creeks open to Alabama gambling compact; say it's up to governor to initiate.

AL.COM - Alabama Power expects higher electricity costs amid tighter federal regulations.

AL.COM - Obama administration's 'confusing' Ebola policy is frustrating Americans, Sen. Richard Shelby says.

AL.COM - State school board hears request for $227 million increase for Alabama schools.

AL.COM - Supreme Court to decide if Alabama's redrawn legislative districts found 'sweet spot'.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Hubbard’s Attorneys Ask State To Identify Witnesses Mental Health, Drug Abuse and More

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Sessions Says We Can’t Allow Executive Amnesty to Happen

WSFA - Voting discrepancy found in tight House Dist. 89 race.

SALON - Fast food chains aggressively market to poor black kids.

DECATUR DAILY - Senate race unchanged after Lauderdale completes count.

DECATUR DAILY - The Decatur Daily:  Obama is not a liberal.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Gov. Bentley, Alabama lawmakers mulling budget solutions.

ANNISTON STAR - Bill would protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star:  Education on the cheap in Alabama.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star:  America's guns.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Sewell asks House to investigate Fuller.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Affordable Care Act enrollment: A Q & A.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Big rig dealer partners with inmate training program.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser:  Double-dipping law protects public purse.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - Judge rules that Alabama inmate's suit can proceed.

DOTHAN EAGLE - Dale County voting error could lead to election contest.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle:  Partisanship trumps race in Alabama politics.

WASHINGTON POST - GOP debates its immigration strategy as Obama prepares executive action.

WASHINGTON POST - More than half of America’s poorest households still don’t get the Internet at home.

WASHINGTON POST - Why more homes are being sold at foreclosure auctions even though the foreclosure crisis is over.

WASHINGTON POST - Alabama minority redistricting case seems to divide Supreme Court.

NEW YORK TIMES - Sliding Oil and Gas Prices Give Americans More Money to Spend

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times:  Race, Politics and Drawing Maps:  The Supreme Court Hears an Alabama Case on the Voting Rights Act

Arise Daily News Digest 11-13-2014

AL.COM - Top Alabama prison reformer: 'These prisons are in very, very bad shape'.

AL.COM - U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell calls for Mark Fuller's impeachment, says failure to resign 'the height of arrogance'.

AL.COM - Alabama gets 'F' for preterm births while states that expanded Medicaid improved.

AL.COM - Maybe you shouldn't invest in marijuana or Bitcoin, Alabama Securities Commission says.

AL.COM - Plaintiffs in race-based challenge of Alabama's redistricting face tough questions from justices.

AL.COM - New U.S., China greenhouse gas emissions deal could further stress Alabama coal, power industries.

AL.COM - Huntsville becoming geospatial and energy center, Washington officials tell 2014 Geo-Energy Summit.

AL.COM - Boll Weevil to GOP: 20 years of Sen. Richard Shelby as a Republican in today's political update.

AL.COM - 3 ways to evaluate Obamacare in Alabama after first year of enrollments.

AL.COM – Contributor Mary Page Wilson-Lyons:  Women's Fund of Greater Birmingham joins conversation to address generational poverty.

THE NEW YORKER - Double Jeopardy:  In Alabama, a judge can override a jury that spares a murderer from the death penalty.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Dial Says Term Dedicated to Making Alabama “Even Better”

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - BamaCarry Co-Founder Issues Statement Following Arrest at Polls

DECATUR DAILY - Internet sales tax act withers in Washington.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - State of LGBT Equality in Five Alabama Cities Detailed in HRC’s New Municipal Equality Index

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - Provisional ballot count to be wrapped up today:  District 6 Senate outcome not expected to change.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - The Times Daily:  It’s time to rethink corporate incentives.

GADSDEN TIMES - Sessions threatens showdown.

DOTHAN EAGLE - Hearing on Rep. Dexter Grimsley's lawsuit delayed.

WASHINGTON POST - House, Senate to vote on Keystone XL pipeline.

WASHINGTON POST - What happens when housing for the poor is remodeled as luxury studios.

WASHINGTON POST - Alabama minority redistricting case seems to divide Supreme Court.

WASHINGTON POST - U.S. firms funnel more than half their foreign profits through tax havens.

WASHINGTON POST - The nation is experiencing the longest consecutive drop in gas prices since 2008, AAA finds.

NEW YORK TIMES - Debts Canceled by Bankruptcy Still Mar Consumer Credit Scores

NEW YORK TIMES - Financial Pressures Ease on Students, Studies Say

NEW YORK TIMES  – The New York Times:  A Major Breakthrough on Climate Change

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Charles Blow:  Race, to the Finish

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Linda Greenhouse:  Law in the Raw