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Arise Daily News Digest 4-24-2014

AL.COM - Parker Griffith: It's time to revisit the lottery.

AL.COM - Huntsville's Interfaith Mission Service to celebrate 45th anniversary with awards to Alabama Arise and others.

AL.COM - Whistleblower lawsuit: Monroeville nurse to get $15 million for exposing Medicare false claims.

AL.COM - State schools Superintendent Tommy Bice clarifies position: school bus fees may indeed be an option.

AL.COM - Parker Griffith: Education can't be one-size-fits-all.

AL.COM - Toyota's Alabama plant recognized for energy efficient operations.

AL.COM - Gulf Coast fisherman on BP oil spill: 'The oysters are not recovering.'

AL.COM - Alabama home to 7th-largest decrease in percent of adults employed since 2007.

AL.COM - EEOC gets slammed in dreadlock case in Alabama.

AL.COM - In challenging Rep. Mo Brooks, Huntsville's Reggie Hill confident he'll get on ballot as independent candidate.

AL.COM - Parker Griffith: Obamacare isn't all bad.

AL.COM - Parker Griffith: Alabama must expand Medicaid.

AL.COM – Contributor Blake Harris: High expectations will help Alabama's students.

AL.COM – Columnist Edward Bowser: The war on poverty starts with compassion.

AL.COM – Contributor Margo Thorning: Keep the state of the energy sector strong.

SENATE SKETCHES - “Senate Sketches,” Sen. Hank Sanders’ weekly message to his constituents.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Troy’s Koch Problem May Affect Research Reliability

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Armistead Worries About Possible Voter Fraud

ALABAMA SCHOOL CONNECTION - Opting Out of Standardized Tests – What You Need to Know

SALON - Harvard economist: Gender is at the root of the pay gap — not jobs.

THE ATLANTIC - Why Affirmative Action No Longer Works

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - The Times Daily: A bag full of empty promises.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Former Sen. Lowell Barron responds to Luther Strange's appeal.

ANNISTON STAR - State senator questions Medicaid's use of brand-name drug.

ANNISTON STARThe Anniston Star: Helping those who need it — Law enforcement and the mentally ill come in contact — often.

ANNISTON STAR – Contributor Ron Gilbert: Minimum wage needs raising.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Education department: No payroll deductions for AEA.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Auburn offers $10K reward after 2 campus threats.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser: Lawmakers' automatic raise enters final phase.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor Ken Scott: Being a taxpayer good but frustrating.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle: Alabama's unconstitutional sodomy prohibition is an embarrassment.

WASHINGTON POST - High school students are all about computers but get little instruction in computer science.

WASHINGTON POST - 1.6 million Americans don’t have indoor plumbing. Here’s where they live.

WWASHINGTON POST - Breaking bad: Gender pay gap narrows, but women shouldn’t be happy about it.

WASHINGTON POST - Map: How long it takes each state’s residents to earn enough to pay all taxes.

Arise Daily News Digest 4-23-2014

AL.COM - $10K reward offered for bathroom vandals as second threat forces Auburn University to evacuate building.

AL.COM - Colonel says Redstone Arsenal doesn't need BRAC to grow, but needs a community people want to live in.

AL.COM - Congressman Bradley Byrne sees military cuts as danger to national security.

AL.COM - Magazine says Alabama home to 4 of South's most 'elite' business meeting spots.

AL.COM - Contraband cellphones, inmate strikes not the path to fixing Alabama’s prison problems, state Sen. Cam Ward says.

AL.COM - Richard Scrushy preparing to release his first book.

AL.COM - Chad Mathis leads a tight pack in his internal poll of 6th District, 44 percent still undecided.

AL.COM - Alabama governor candidate Stacy George files for his fourth divorce.

AL.COM - Election expert says 4 Alabama counties should 'lay out what they've done' to clean voter rolls.

AL.COM – Contributor Clete Wetli: Gov. Robert Bentley has overplayed the 'blah, blah, blame Obama' strategy.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Oden Says He Has Faced Vicious Attacks from Liberal Environmentalists

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Contributor State Rep. Darrio Melton: Alabama must embrace a spirit of new energy to tackle tough issues.

AL.COM – Contributor Pepper Bryars: Prejudice is a people issue, not a partisan issue.

AL.COM - Mississippi Gulf Coast casino revenues continue to swell as Poarch tribe seeks Florida casino.

(FLORENE) TIMES DAILY - Alabama educating students on finances.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - Justices: State must protect unborn.

WELD - The state of the planet: Alabama.

ANNISTON STARThe Anniston Star: The plight of the middle class.

ANNISTON STARThe Anniston Star: Passing on the cost - JSU’s decision not to raise tuition highlights real problem in higher ed.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Rural HIV patients linked to medical care.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor Ken Klippen: Strange correct to join egg rule fight.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - 3 Alabama schools honored for environmental work.

WASHINGTON POST - What you’d need to make in every county in America to afford a decent one-bedroom.

WASHINGTON POST - Supreme Court upholds Michigan’s ban on racial preferences in university admissions.

WASHINGTON POST - Republicans have a major demographic problem. And it’s only going to get worse.

WASHINGTON POST - Meet the Alabama legislator who really, really loves his guns.

WASHINGTON POST - The Washington Post: Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action ruling should focus colleges on improving diversity.

NEW YORK TIMES - No Comment Necessary: Vote for Me or I’ll Shoot

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: Racial Equality Loses at the Court

SALON - Poor black people don’t work?: Lessons of a former dope dealer.

SALON - Common Core propaganda fails: Well-financed education “reformers” fight common sense.


Arise Daily News Digest 4-22-2014

AL.COM - No signs of work stoppage at St. Clair prison despite inmates' promise to strike, officials say.

AL.COM - 4 Alabama counties have more registered voters than adult population.

AL.COM - Gov. Bentley says confusion over Obamacare is breeding 'a lack of economic expansion' in Alabama.

AL.COM - Alabama Department of Corrections appoints deputy commissioner of Women's Services, hires new spokeswoman.

AL.COM - Gov. Bentley's next mission: More small business support, creation of advisory council in Alabama.

AL.COM - Appeals court judges withdraw from hearing appeal in Lowell Barron case.

AL.COM - Carly's Law: 'This whole thing was driven by the power of prayers.'

AL.COM - Alabama Rep. Steve Hurst uses large handgun as parade float (and barbecue).

AL.COM - Attorney General Holder announces process for considering thousands of early prison releases.

AL.COM - Report ranks Alabama as nation's seventh poorest state; almost one-fifth live in poverty.

AL.COM - See where Alabama ranked on list of states with best and worst taxpayer return on investment.

AL.COM - Alabama's black Republicans garner national attention, most state legislators accept pay raise: Today's state political chatter.

AL.COM – From shampooers to locksmiths, growing number of Alabama professions require 'permission slip.'

AL.COM – Contributor Daniel Smith:  Let Alabamians get to work: occupational licensing restricts job choice and mobility.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - 187 Checks Sent to Wrong Address, Majority Strategies, Inc. Says State Records are Wrong

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Marsh’s New Dark Money Group Financed by His Other Dark Money Foundation

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Spender of the House Declines $800 Pay Raise, Receives Million Dollar Budget Increase

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Contributor Larry Lee’s Education Matters: A HIPPY BBQ

ANNISTON STARThe Anniston Star:  A fix for Obamacare — Law’s opponents should help improve it, not euthanize it.

ANNISTON STARThe Anniston Star:  A sign of progress in the water war — It’s not a typo: Alabama one step closer to creating a water plan.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Alabama economic outlook brightens.

GADSDEN TIMES - Alabamians won't be able to get, renew driver's licenses in late April.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Rollins exits House District 76 race.

WASHINGTON POST - U.S. agency urges private lenders to ease automatic default rules on student loans.

WASHINGTON POST - GAO: Unregulated tax preparers putting taxpayers at risk.

NEW YORK TIMES - Looking at Costs and Risks, Many Skip Health Insurance

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times:  Wage Theft Across the Board

SALON - BP is refusing to pay for Gulf oil spill research.

SALON - Insidious political cliché alert: Stop saying it’s all about the kids.

SALON - Paul Krugman: Old-money dynasties are destroying the American dream.

THE NATION - Rural Counties Turn to Prisons for Economic Salvation

MOTHER JONES - This Man Is About to Die Because an Alcoholic Lawyer Botched His Case:  What does it take for a condemned person to win a resentencing?

MOTHER JONES - Are Stores Making Bank Off Food Stamps?

THE NATIONAL JOURNAL - The Complicated Story Behind School Resegregation:  ProPublica takes readers to Tuscaloosa, Ala., where it can seem like Brown v. Board of Education never happened.

Arise Daily News Digest 4-21-2014

AL.COM - Putting a price on Deepwater Horizon: For BP, $27 billion and counting.

AL.COM - Study: Fuels from corn waste worse than gas for global warming in the short term.

AL.COM - Group asks military to withdraw from National Day of Prayer event sponsored by Alabama lawmaker.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS – UWA president calls for unity.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Would Alabama bring back electric chair?

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Goat Hill gets greener.

AL.COM - Fracking foes cringe as unions back drilling boom.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist George Will:  Campaign speech case is regulatory overkill.

NEW YORK TIMES - 50 Years Into the War on Poverty, Hardship Hits Back

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times:  Running Out of Time

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor Judith Warner:  To Reduce Inequality, Start With Families

LOS ANGELES TIMES - Conservative heavyweights have solar industry in their sights.

Arise Daily News Digest 4-20-2014

AL.COM - Majority of Alabama legislators receive automatic raise: See who accepted and who declined.

AL.COM - AL.com examines troubling standards for medical and mental health care in Alabama prisons.

AL.COM - Supreme Court justice to law students: Taxes too high? Revolt.

AL.COM - Does a knee injury count as a serious medical condition for a prisoner?

AL.COM – Contributor Sue Bell Cobb:  WWJD? Reform Alabama's horrible criminal sentencing laws.

AL.COM – Contributors Kara Lankford and Casi Callaway:  Gulf communities' message to BP:  estoration is far from over.

ALABAMA SCHOOL CONNECTION - School Bus Fees: A Short-Lived, Bad Idea? Experience from Two Districts

DECATUR DAILY - Experts to Democrats: Prioritize local issues.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - The Times Daily:  Who’s the prisoner here, anyway?

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - Reporter Mary Sell’s Capital Notebook:  Understaffed corrections units are adding officers.

ANNISTON STAR - West's tensions with Russia could raise Rep. Mike Rogers' profile.

ANNISTON STAR – Publisher H. Brandt Ayers: Inside making of history.

ANNISTON STAR – Editor Bob Davis: Shine the light on dark money.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - New law helps innocent clear record.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Columnist Josh Moon’s Just Saying: Obamacare is working.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle:  McDowell Lee, iconic Alabamian.

WASHINGTON POST - Democrats seek to reshape midterm electorate along lines of a presidential year.

WASHINGTON POST - As medical providers consolidate, questions about effects on costs, quality of care.

WASHINGTON POST - Contributor Susan Shillinglaw:  75 years after ‘The Grapes of Wrath,’ we need Ma Joad in the White House.

NEW YORK TIMES - Democrats Confront Vexing Politics Over the Health Care Law

NEW YORK TIMES - Republicans See Political Wedge in Common Core

SALON - Reaganomics killed America’s middle class.

SALON - Robert Reich: We’re living in a new Gilded Age of wealth and power.

SLATE - “Climate Change War” Is Not a Metaphor

THE ATLANTIC - Pope Francis's Challenge to the Evangelical-Catholic Coalition

Arise Daily News Digest 4-19-2014

AL.COM - Hoover school bus fees appear to violate state law, state Superintendent Tommy Bice says.

AL.COM - Bo Bice Day nixed in Alabama? The Onion takes a swipe at state's obsession with 'American Idol.'

AL.COM - Calpine selling 6 power plants, including two in Decatur and Mobile, for $1.57B cash.

AL.COM - How does Alabama rank in economic competitiveness? It's No. 20, says one report.

AL.COM - Alabama Attorney General: State first in line with lawsuit against BP for economic losses.

AL.COM - Alabama unemployment rate increased to 6.7 percent in March, despite jobs being added.

AL.COM - Four years after Deepwater Horizon exploded, long-term environmental impacts from BP oil spill remain mostly unknown.

AL.COM - Gulf communities' message to BP: Restoration is far from over.

AL.COM - Alabama moves to stifle jailhouse lawyers.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Stand by Your Man: Alabama Political Wives Channel Wynette

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Moore, Pipkin Spar Over Speaker Hubbard in Coffee County

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Rogers Supports Jettisoning IRS.

THE ATLANTIC - Resegregation in the American South

THE NATION - We Built This Country on Inequality

SALON - Exclusive: Inmates to strike in Alabama, declare prison is “running a slave empire.”

WSFA - Columnist Ken Hare In Depth: Despite political shift, Alabama political scandals still alive.

AL.COM - Federal appeals court to hear arguments in Don Siegelman appeal in July.

ANNISTON STARThe Anniston Star: Legislative learning — In time, state’s next generation of voters will understand the Legislature.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Four years after oil spill, projects just beginning.

WASHINGTON POST - Long-term unemployed struggle to find — and keep — jobs.

WASHINGTON POST - These 11 graphics show how bad local food insecurity can be in America.

NEW YORK TIMES - Lost in Literary History: A Tale of Courage in the South

NEW YORK TIMES - Health Care Spending’s Recent Surge Stirs Unease.


Arise Daily News Digest 4-18-2014

AL.COM - 10 Alabama hospitals have closed in the last 3 years: Will yours be next?

AL.COM - McDowell Lee, secretary of Alabama Senate for almost a half-century, dies at age 89.

AL.COM - Gov. Bentley releases group's report detailing proposal for water management plan.

AL.COM - NRA quiet so far in District 6 congressional primary.

AL.COM - AEA funds opponent of Sen. Del Marsh, foes of other supporters of Alabama Accountability Act.

AL.COM - Candidate for House District 1 seat says, if elected, he'll donate full salary to charities.

AL.COM - Alabama seeking federal assistance following last week's flooding.

AL.COM - Political Agenda: Scott Beason can raise hell, but not money.

AL.COM - Sen. Cam Ward says meetings with national group working on Alabama prison reforms to start in May.

AL.COM - At Tutwiler prison, medical care lacking for minor conditions an.

AL.COM - Fetal heartbeat abortion law overturned in North Dakota similar to Alabama bill that died.

AL.COM - What is the medical standard for prisoners? No cruelty, no deliberate indifference.

AL.COM - How a marijuana derivative stormed the Alabama State House.

AL.COM – Columnist John Archibald:  There's money in poverty in Alabama. Just not for the poor.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Bennett Urges Alabama to Join Compact of States Checking for Voter Duplication

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Columnist Steve Flowers’ Inside the Statehouse:  The first Alabama settlers were diverse in their origins.

AL.COM - AL.com seeks ruling from judge on constitutional rights of anonymous commenter.

DECATUR DAILY - AEA fights credit battle.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - Strange to appeal gambling ruling.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Lack of funds for forensics lab sparks debate:  Tuscaloosa officials say state has 'abandoned' its duty to provide services critical to fighting crime.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Greene County sheriff allows bingo parlors to reopen; attorney general has no comment on latest step.

ANNISTON STARThe Anniston Star:  Cloaked in darkness — Rise of ‘dark money’ in politics is a bad trend for Alabama.

ANNISTON STAR – Editor Phillip Tutor: Long list of America’s dead.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Federal lawsuit challenges Alabama’s ‘Neelley’s Law.’

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser:  PEEHIP must look past 2015.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor Mike Markarian:  Egg lawsuit wrong move for Alabama.

WASHINGTON POST - Obama hails 8 million enrollees for insurance under federal health-care law.

WASHINGTON POST - Contributor David Siegel:  Why wouldn’t people want to reduce inequality?

WASHINGTON POST - It’s official: The “death spiral” is dead.

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Paul Krugman:  Salvation Gets Cheap

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times:  No Spring Break for the Unemployed.