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Arise Daily News Digest 7-26-2014

AL.COM - Where is the man who shot George Wallace?

AL.COM - Governor moves quickly to replace ousted Alabama State University trustee.

AL.COM - Gov. Bentley removes Alabama State University Trustee Marvin Wiggins from office.

AL.COM - Jeff Sessions makes history by being unopposed for U.S. Senate, and re-election campaign is in no hurry.

AL.COM - Report to show that 185,000 Alabamians with jobs would benefit from Medicaid expansion.

AL.COM - Birmingham attorney, ASU alumnus Donald Watkins says governor lacks cause to remove Wiggins.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Sessions Says the Republic Faces a Grave Threat from Obama

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Democrats Ask For Reasons Why Convention Should be in Birmingham

FACING SOUTH - The South's child well-being crisis.

DECATUR DAILY - House votes to boost tax credit for high-income families.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Judge: Mercedes violated labor laws regarding unions; ruling did not impose any fines.

ANNISTON STAR -State panel to review child support payments.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: A lack of compassion.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: Free market vs. death penalty.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Immigrant children have tough times, tough choices.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Columnist Josh Moon: Dear Mr. President: Not all Alabamians callous toward kids.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - Barry Moore wants call barred from perjury case.

WASHINGTON POST - More than 30,000 undocumented kids have been released to sponsors in every state.

WASHINGTON POST - Congress is getting more polarized — but so is your own state legislature.

WASHINGTON POST - One-third of Americans support impeaching Obama. One-fifth don’t understand “impeachment.”

Arise Daily News Digest 7-25-2014

AL.COM - Governor's office says bond refinancing to save state $20 million over 12 years.

AL.COM - Rep. Barry Moore's lawyers ask court to say recorded phone call inadmissible.

AL.COM - 'Under no circumstances' should immigrant children be sent to Alabama, state lawmakers say.

AL.COM - More questions than answers as Alabama military base eyed as possible housing site for immigrant children.

AL.COM - Till named Alabama's deputy secretary of commerce, replacing economic development veteran Swann.

AL.COM - 10 million previously uninsured people gain coverage under Obamacare, study finds.

AL.COM - Affordable Care Act ruling could ultimately make poor states subsidize rich ones, report says.

AL.COM - Flood of young immigrants could end up taxing state's education, public service systems, Gov. Robert Bentley says.

AL.COM - Gender pay gap is even worse for African-American women in Alabama: Today in state politics.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Cost of Accountability Act Over 1,000 Times Higher Than Scholarship Awards Last Year

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Kelly Butler Joins Bentley Staff as State Budget Officer

THE ATLANTIC - One Hour and 57 Minutes in Arizona: Joseph Wood's death Wednesday is the fourth botched execution in the United States this year.

GADSDEN TIMES - Chairman of Alabama State board resigning.

AL.COM - Appeals court moves hearing in Siegelman case to October.

POLITICO - Why Am I Moving Left?

ALABAMA SCHOOL CONNECTION - Is It Still 2002 for Alabama’s Schoolchildren?

AL.COM - Alabama has 'moral obligation' to care for immigrant children, Rep. Terri Sewell says.

DECATUR DAILY - The Decatur Daily: Alabama lags in overall well-being of children.

ANNISTON STAR - Pro-expansion panel tries to get Medicaid message across.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser: Expect more to get more.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - Ala-based network expanding to West Coast.

DOTHAN EAGLE - Martha Roby opposes housing immigrant children at Maxwell.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle: Complaints are little help in immigration crisis.

WASHINGTON POST - The drug that’s forcing America’s most important – and uncomfortable – health-care debate.

WASHINGTON POST - How not to shut down coal plants.

WASHINGTON POST - Some Republicans push compassionate, anti-poverty agenda ahead of 2016 contest.

WASHINGTON POST - Obama’s uphill struggle against economic inequality.

WASHINGTON POST - After execution gone awry, unclear if any changes could follow.

WASHINGTON POST - A look at death penalty sentences and executions, by state.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Ruth Marcus: Supreme Court may not protect Obamacare this time.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Catherine Rampell: Corporations are people. So what if people were corporations?

NEW YORK TIMES - Conservatives Hone Script to Light a Fire Over Abortion

NEW YORK TIMES - States Against E.P.A. Rule on Carbon Pollution Would Gain, Study Finds

NEW YORK TIMES – Editor Jesse Wigman: Why the Death Penalty Is Doomed

Arise Daily News Digest 7-24-2014

AL.COM - Poll: A little over half of Americans say they or others are better off with Obamacare.

AL.COM - Governor Robert Bentley says call for special session 'misinterpreted.'

AL.COM - Obamacare nets nearly $1 million in insurance refunds to split among 10,000 in Alabama.

AL.COM - Arizona inmate dies 2 hours after execution began.

AL.COM - Making the failing grade: Website ranks Birmingham-Hoover area among worst for home vacancies.

AL.COM - Users of free government cellphones to start paying state 911 tax.

AL.COM - Bentley says national leaders should look to Alabama as model for running government.

AL.COM - Feds offer funds to help poor Alabama communities 'reimagine' workforce development.

AL.COM - ADEM sets hearing for controversial Shepherd Bend Mine on Black Warrior River for Aug. 28.

AL.COM - Affordable Care Act could survive loss of some subsidies, analysis says.

AL.COM - Alabama lawmaker heads up increasingly influential Southern Caucus: Today in state politics.

AL.COM – Contributor State Rep. Laura Hall: Republicans Wage War on the Middle Class

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Contributor State Rep. Darrio Melton: We Can't Fix Alabama by Taking the Resources from Those Who Need Them Most

THE ATLANTIC - Disability Is Not Just a Metaphor

THE ATLANTIC - Why Do Other Rich Nations Spend So Much Less on Healthcare?

THE NATION - We’re Arresting Poor Mothers for Our Own Failures

MOTHER JONES - 785 of This Year's Unaccompanied Migrants Were Under 6 Years Old

WSFA - Columnist Ken Hare In Depth: Governor's call for resignations carries clout.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - Report: Accountability Act groups took in $25M, distributed $24K.

ANNISTON STAR - Governor: School fund safe from business incentive program.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: If Obamacare goes away.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: Bentley's latest scheme.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - ASU chairman signed for $100K transfer days before meeting.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Sessions opposes EPA carbon rule.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Chemical claims pit workers against auto supplier.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser: Low, fair not same in taxes.

WASHINGTON POST - Will it be cheesesteaks, sunshine or fame that tip the scale? Members of Congress make their pitches to host the DNC convention.

WASHINGTON POST - Border crisis creates discomfort for state, local politicians over housing children.

WASHINGTON POST - Obama tax policies reduced inequality gap, new analysis shows.

WASHINGTON POST - Common Core might be the most important issue in the 2016 Republican presidential race. Here’s what you need to know about it.

WASHINGTON POST - Glenn Beck takes to the theaters to attack Common Core.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist E. J. Dionne: A conservative judiciary run amok.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Robert Samuelson: Making corporate tax dodgers patriotic.

NEW YORK TIMES - U.S. Religious Leaders Embrace Cause of Immigrant Children

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Charles Blow: Paul Ryan and His Poverty Prophet

Arise Daily News Digest 7-23-2014

AL.COM - State superintendent explains low test scores, says new standards are the answer.

AL.COM - Alabama State University president responds Gov. Bentley's request that two trustees step down.

AL.COM - Immigrants are only taking jobs Americans don't want? Not so, says U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks.

AL.COM - More than 83,000 Alabamians could lose insurance under appeals court Obamacare ruling.

AL.COM - Carly's Law: Bentley, supporters gather in Pelham to praise bill's passage.

AL.COM - "To cripple Obamacare" -- Alabama Attorney General proud of his role after court ruling today.

AL.COM - Court strikes down key Affordable Care Act provision, says federal exchange can't subsidize premiums.

AL.COM - Did court cripple Obamacare? Dueling rulings mean more legal battles to come.

AL.COM - Gov. Robert Bentley says he's 'proud of progress' Alabama making in employment.

AL.COM – Columnist Kyle Whitmire: Job numbers again show Bentley isn't getting the job done.

ALABAMA SCHOOL CONNECTION - Protecting Student Privacy: FERPA and PPRA Notification Requirements

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Under Leading GOP Plan, 1 in 5 AL Public Sector Jobs to be Cut

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - State Will Pay Universal Records Thousands for “Sweet Home Alabama” Rights

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Democrats Hope to Make Case for Medicaid Expansion

DECATUR DAILY - Micky in the money: Decatur state lawmaker still receiving pay hike.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Payday loan business in former Krystal draws complaints, but Northport officials say store is within its rights.

ANNISTON STAR - State job growth lagging behind the nation.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: In the courts, again, with Obamacare.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - In movie theater, a call against Common Core.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - ASU trustees don’t have funds to go to area retreat.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Columnist Josh Moon: Our tax system punishes poor.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser: ASU trustees must end conflicts.

SENATE SKETCHES - “Senate Sketches,” Sen. Hank Sanders’ weekly message to his constituents.

WASHINGTON POST - Federal appeals courts issue contradictory rulings on health-law subsidies.

WASHINGTON POST - Paul Ryan to unveil anti-poverty plan.

WASHINGTON POST - The impact of today’s Obamacare ruling — in four maps.

WASHINGTON POST - The Washington Post: D.C. Circuit Court ruling on Obamacare was wrong — but the 4th Circuit got it right.

WASHINGTON POST - Contributor Tom Goldstein: Why Obamacare probably isn’t doomed.

NEW YORK TIMES - Off Alabama’s Beaten Path, Tribute to a Native American’s Journey Home

NEW YORK TIMES - Rulings on Health Law Are Far From Last Word

NEW YORK TIMES - After Health Law Rulings, Here Are Possible Next Steps

NEW YORK TIMES - Principals in U.S. Are More Likely to Consider Their Students Poor

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: An Ominous Health Care Ruling

Arise Daily News Digest 7-22-2014

AL.COM - Alabama 8th-graders rank 50th in math; see how we compare with other states in reading, science.

AL.COM - Griffith zings Bentley again over Alabama's increasing unemployment numbers.

AL.COM - Here's what's keeping Alabama 44th in child well-being rankings.

AL.COM - Alabama Workforce Council aims to match education programs with business needs.

AL.COM - Alabama ranks in Top 10 of one of NAIOP's four real estate development categories.

AL.COM - Alabama ranked 47th in job growth for June compared to last year.

AL.COM - On Birmingham's DNC bid, ALGOP Chair says 'bring their radical, leftist show here.'

AL.COM - Voting rights march interpretive center to be built at Alabama State University.

AL.COM - House Speaker Mike Hubbard calls AEA's effort in GOP primary 'horrible failure.'

AL.COM - Cutting jobs while pushing for more foreign workers? Ridiculous, says Sen. Jeff Sessions: Today in Alabama politics.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Hubbard Suffers Defeat with Harbison Win

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Job Growth Proves Higher in States with Increased Minimum Wage

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Group Holds Protest Against Illegal Immigration.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - The Times Daily: Governor hints at tax hikes, but no reform.

GADSDEN TIMES – Contributor P. W. McWhorter: Looking down at the poor.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: Skeptical about storm prep.

TRUSSVILLE TRIBUNE - Columnist Steve Flowers’ Inside the Statehouse: 1962 governor’s race really began four years earlier.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Is convicted killer 'Essence of evil' or born again?

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - ASU SGA demands that trustees Dean, Wiggns resign.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser: No guns at polls, period.

DOTHAN EAGLE - U.S. Coupling doubles work space, plans to add jobs.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle: Volunteer fire departments need better funding.

WASHINGTON POST - Where is the Obama administration housing the immigrant kids?

WASHINGTON POST - Vermont is the best covered state in the country. California is the worst.

WASHINGTON POST - The food stamp wave may have crested.

WASHINGTON POST - Online sales tax is back — and this time, it might actually have a shot at passing.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Catherine Rampell: Limousine liberalism’s good works.

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Charles Schumer: End Partisan Primaries, Save America

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: Strong Steps on Sentencing Reform

Arise Daily News Digest 7-21-2-14

AL.COM - How an emergency kit for homeless and poor lined the pockets of Alabama contractor who ran health centers.

AL.COM - As Democratic National Convention Birmingham visit starts, officials ready to showcase all Magic City has to offer.

AL.COM - How Greg Albritton won runoff despite losing big in Alabama Senate district's most populous county.

AL.COM - Keep your snakes and clowns to yourself: Where Alabama ranks on the list of 'scariest' states.

AL.COM - Birmingham will dance with the Democratic National Convention, but will he kiss her good night?

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Beef prices may be spurring thefts in rural Alabama.

ANNISTON STAR - UAB study: Residents more tornado-ready than in 2011.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Demolitions, restorations along historic trail.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Feds may pay for All Kids.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - Contributor U. S. Rep. Mike Rogers: Rogers: America’s immigration crisis.

SALON - Reinventing the American highway: The promise (and pitfalls) of learning to love tolls.

WASHINGTON POST - Leadership war stymies Senate mission.

WASHINGTON POST - The wealth gap is growing, but poor women see one improvement: healthier newborns.

WASHINGTON POST - Harper Lee and her lost privacy: Is silence still an option?

WASHINGTON POST - Some seniors win Medicare exemptions for nursing-home coverage in pilot program.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Robert Samuelson: Budget policy as prayer

NEW YORK TIMES - Trying to Slow the Illegal Flow of Young Migrants

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: A Lifetime on California’s Death Row

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Paul Krugman: The Fiscal Fizzle - An Imaginary Budget and Debt Crisis

Arise Daily News Digest 7-20-2014

AL.COM - 'We're not anti-immigrants,' say protesters voicing concerns at Birmingham-area rally.

AL.COM - Nearly 750,000 visit National Park Service sites in Alabama in 2013.

AL.COM - Former candidate George Barry reports fellow Republicans to Attorney General.

AL.COM - Artur Davis explains why he'll run for mayor of Montgomery: guest opinion.

DECATUR DAILY - Schools facing challenge of less funds from state.

DECATUR DAILY - The Decatur Daily: Governor hints at tax hikes, but no reform.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - State focus will be revenue: Cost-cutting, streamlining loom for legislators.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - Reporter Mary Sell’s Capital Notebook: Agricultural use of drones denied.

TUSCALOOSA NEWSThe Tuscaloosa News: Alabama politics are never boring.

ANNISTON STAR - THE NEXT STORM: Three years after tornadoes, work remains on Alabama’s storm-preparedness to-do list.

ANNISTON STAR - Columnist Hardy Jackson: Alabama's Bentley blues.

ANNISTON STAR - Editor Bob Davis: Locked down by ideology.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Reports show major staff shortages at local VA.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - 'A serious epidemic' — mentally ill speak of struggles.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Primary season by the numbers: Big shift to GOP.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - VA asks Congress not to open ‘floodgates’ to private care.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Unit investigates rural crimes in Alabama.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor Gene Kamena: 'Sample ballots' unhealthy for democracy.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor M. J. Ellington: Close the coverage gap for state's veterans.

WASHINGTON POST - To pay off student loans, reconsider your roof.

WASHINGTON POST - In the Loop: So whatever happened to the deficit?

WASHINGTON POST - Fourteen states are already beating the best Fed estimates for 2016 U.S. unemployment.

WASHINGTON POST - U.S. immigration crisis is hampered by a paralyzed Congress.

NEW YORK TIMES - In a Subprime Bubble for Used Cars, Borrowers Pay Sky-High Rates

NEW YORK TIMES - Income Inequality Is Not Rising Globally. It's Falling.

NEW YORK TIMES - Rush to Deport Young Migrants Could Trample Asylum Claims

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: Payday Lenders Set the Debt Trap

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor Nate Cohen: Black Southern Voters, Poised to Play a Historic Role