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Arise Daily News Digest 11-26-2014

AL.COM – Contributor Artur Davis:  Looking from Montgomery, Artur Davis sees a mayor's nightmare in Ferguson.

AL.COM - Alabama is broke and out of easy solutions: Here are 4 options.

AL.COM - Republican Senator says he -- not Alabama's Jeff Sessions -- will lead the next budget committee.

AL.COM – Contributor AG Luther Strange:  President Obama's defiance of the Constitution sets dangerous precedent.

AL.COM – Columnist Kyle Whitmire:  So now you tell us? After reelection Bentley comes clean about Alabama budget crisis.

AL.COM – Columnist Edward Bowser:  Ferguson outrage proves we can no longer ignore America's problem with race.

SENATE SKETCHES - “Senate Sketches,” Sen. Hank Sanders’ weekly message to his constituents.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Report Investigates Distribution of Tax Dollars

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Palmer Names William Smith as Chief of Staff

DECATUR DAILY - RSA board revamps its policy on investments.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star:  Thanks and concerns in Alabama.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star:  Lessons learned from Ferguson.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - CAVHCS getting better, still work to be done.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor Larry Lee:  No quick fixes for Montgomery's public schools.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Columnist Josh Moon:  The generalizations in Ferguson hurt both sides.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - Hearing set in prison razor challenge.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle:  On Goat Hill, the chickens have come home to roost.

WASHINGTON POST - Obama says law enforcement must be made fairer.

WASHINGTON POST - Federal review suppressed safety concerns with BP Atlantis oil platform, lawmaker says.

WASHINGTON POST - Illegal immigrants could receive Social Security, Medicare under Obama action.

WASHINGTON POST - Supreme Court to hear challenge to EPA’s power-plant emissions rule.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Robert Samuelson:  Our giant welfare state.

NEW YORK TIMES - After Obama’s Immigration Action, a Blast of Energy for the Tea Party

NEW YORK TIMES - Obama Threatens to Veto $440 Billion Tax Deal

NEW YORK TIMES - U.S. Wants Teacher Training Programs to Track How Graduates’ Students Perform

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Nicholas Kristof:  Thoughts on Race in America

Arise Daily News Digest 11-25-2014

AL.COM - America must learn from Michael Brown tragedy, Rep. Terri Sewell says; President Obama calls for peace.

AL.COM - Why Alabama's budget hole is so large and won't be easy to solve.

AL.COM - Alabama's photo voter ID law declared a success; not everyone agrees.

AL.COM - Birmingham out of running for 2016 Democratic convention.

AL.COM - HealthSouth to spend $750 million on home health business.

AL.COM - How long is too long in Congress? For Gary Palmer, it's 6 years: Today in Alabama politics.

AL.COM – Op-ed:  Alabama should focus oil spill settlement funds on large, long-lasting projects.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - APR Speaks with Acting Attorney General W. Van Davis

AL.COM - Columnist John Archibald:  Alabama's for-profit courts turn American Dream into nightmare.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Reporter Bill Britt:  US Attorney General Charges President Obama With 23 Counts Of Felony Public Corruption

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Sessions Says Obama’s Immigration Orders Have Sold Out The Middle Class

THE HILL - Who will stop Wal-Mart from 'wreaking havoc' on the American Dream?

DECATUR DAILY - Volunteer firefighter ranks decline.

DECATUR DAILY - The Decatur Daily:  Path to change lies with Republicans.

ANNISTON STAR - Governor’s executive orders draw little objection.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star:  Big plans in Montgomery.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Former Gov. Siegelman’s daughter injured in hit-and-run.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - VA deputy says wait time still too lengthy in Ala.

WASHINGTON POST - FBI reports 27 cops were killed last year. But how many civilians were killed by officers?

WASHINGTON POST - Federal officials issue new code of conduct for police highway seizures.

WASHINGTON POST - Darren Wilson won’t be indicted. Just 3 in 10 people agree with that decision.

WASHINGTON POST - Unemployment has fallen in 27 states since last year.

NEW YORK TIMES – A Place Where Lost Luggage Gets Another Shot

NEW YORK TIMES - F.D.A. Plans Broad Rules on Calories for Restaurants

NEW YORK TIMES – Editor Teresa Tritch:  It’s Good to Be Rich:  You Get a Lower Tax Rate

Arise Daily News Digest 11-24-2014

AL.COM - No impeachment for 'emperor' Obama, Sen. Jeff Sessions says.

AL.COM - Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits against businesses on the upswing in Alabama.

AL.COM – Columnist Kyle Whitmire:  Dear Eleventh Circuit: Please don't 'football fire' Judge Mark Fuller, just fire him.

AL.COM - Why that Black Friday computer from Best Buy will cost you more in Alabama.

AL.COM – Columnist John Archibald:  This guy is fixing the U.S. Capitol dome, but what he says about Alabama workers is the real wonder.

DECATUR DAILY - Bentley: More money needed to fix budget.

TUSCALOOSA NEWSThe Tuscaloosa News:  We wish the new University of West Alabama president good luck.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Foxx: No long-term highway bill hurts South.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - State board to certify election results.

WASHINGTON POST - Supreme Court case tests the limits of free speech on Facebook and other social media.

WASHINGTON POST - Obama ramps up defense of immigration action; conservatives urge tough response.

WASHINGTON POST - Pro-marijuana groups eye Northeastern states, including Maine.

NEW YORK TIMES - Where Oil and Politics Mix

NEW YORK TIMES - Private Oncologists Being Forced Out, Leaving Patients to Face Higher Bills

NEW YORK TIMES – The New York Times:  Will Texas Kill an Insane Man?

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Charles Blow:  Bigger Than Immigration

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Paul Krugman:  Rock Bottom Economics

NEW YORK TIMES – The New York Times:  A Step Forward on Child Care

SALON - “There’s been class warfare going on for the last 20 years, and my class has won”

SALON - The ominous reason voter turnout was so low this election cycle.

Arise Daily News Digest 11-23-2014

AL.COM - Sick for a decade: Alabama's prison health care continues to face scrutiny.

AL.COM - Functioning marketplace, insurer efforts may boost 2015 Obamacare enrollmen.

AL.COM – Contributor Quin Hillyer:  The intriguing re-emergence of Artur Davis.

THE NATION - What Will Happen to the Immigrants Left Out of Obama’s Executive Actions?

SALON - The death of working-class politics: How the wealthy conquered Congress and abandoned blue-collar America.

DECATUR DAILY - Scholarships go to students of non-failing schools.

DECATUR DAILY - Reporter Mary Sell’s Capital Notebook:  Senate asks question: Just who is journalist?

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - Group seeks prison investigation.

(FLORENCE0 TIMES DAILY - The Times Daily:  Careful what you ask for.

ANNISTON STAR - Looming Alabama budget crunch has GOP lawmakers changing course on tax breaks.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Storm of tourism publicity expected from historic march.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Alabama insurance rates up in exchanges.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - VA Southeast Network director to retire.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser:  Stop epidemic of homeless children.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser:  Don’t limit definition of journalists.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Columnist Josh Moon:  'Angry' Republicans brought nothing to immigration.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - New UWA president to start January 1..

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle:  Alabama Supreme Court: That's not bingo.

WASHINGTON POST - In the run-up to Black Friday, Walmart and strikers wage a war of words.

WASHINGTON POST – Contributor Jared Bernstein:  Both the economics and politics of the president’s immigration action make sense.

WASHINGTON POST - Where people who got green cards in 2013 came from.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Colbert King:  The lessons of November 1963.

WASHINGTON POST - Contributor Peter Theil:  Thinking too highly of higher ed.

NEW YORK TIMES - The Fight for $15.37 an Hour:  How a Coalition Pushed for a Hotel Workers' Minimum Wage

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times:  The Piecemeal Assault on Health Care

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Nicholas Kristof:  Immigration Enriches You and Me

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Ross Douthat;  The Making of an Imperial President

LOS ANGELES TIMES - Aging nuclear arsenal grows ever more costly.

GREENWICH (CT) TIME - Rutgers: A paycheck away from homelessness.

HUFFINGTON POST - We Are the Most Unequal Society in the Developed World... And We Don't Know It

Arise Daily News Digest 11-22-2014

AL.COM - Feds may have eye on Alabama prisons, but watchdog suggests federal prisons far from perfect.

AL.COM - That's not bingo, Alabama Supreme Court says about machines seized in Houston County.

AL.COM - Some church child care centers in Alabama to face state inspections under new federal law.

AL.COM - Obamacare visualization: Company makes interactive map showing insurance prices.

AL.COM - How does the Obamacare enrollment gaffe affect Alabama numbers?

AL.COM - How will Obama's immigration action affect Alabama schools?

AL.COM - 56 Alabama cities, including Birmingham and Huntsville, included in Post Office's 7-day package delivery plan.

AL.COM - Alabama unemployment rate drops to 6.3 percent, while state adds 33,000 jobs over past year.

AL.COM - Think Alabama should roll the dice on gambling? Not so fast, says analysts in state political update.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Reactions to Executive Amnesty

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - GOP May Prevent Sessions From Being Budget Chair

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Contributor Larry Lee: Where are Bob’s Children? Education Matters.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Roby and Brooks Praise Passage of Secret Science Reform Act

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: All we do is fight.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - ASU board discusses furloughs other cost-saving options.

OPELIKA AUBURN NEWS - Alabama ranks low in contested legislative races.

WASHINGTON POST - Republicans challenge Obama’s executive actions, file lawsuit over Obamacare.

WASHINGTON POST - Why wage growth disparity tells the story of America's half-formed economic recovery.

WASHINGTON POST - 7 charts that explain the undocumented immigrant population.

WASHINGTON POST - What states to shop in if you want to pay a lower sales tax.

NEW YORK TIMES - As Immigration Rules Shift, Migrants’ Joy Is Tempered

NEW YORK TIMES - In Alabama Town, Obama Immigration Move Brings Hope and Sneers

LOS ANGELES TIMES - 2 out of 3 states have too few skilled workers, too little demand or both, OECD finds.

Arise Daily News Digest 11-21-2014

AL.COM - U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks blasts Obama's immigration plan, describes him as 'petulant child'.

AL.COM - Obama immigration plan: Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions says Congress should block funding for 'unconstitutional action'.

AL.COM - President's immigration plans 'ensures everyone plays by the same rules,' says Rep. Terri Sewell.

AL.COM - Boeing layoffs target 130 jobs in Huntsville, elsewhere as work shifts on NASA Space Launch System.

AL.COM - Lesbian couple embroiled in federal lawsuit 'optimistic' as judge weighs options.

AL.COM - Grant could bring daily free breakfast to many Alabama classrooms.

AL.COM - Is GOP conspiring to keep Jeff Sessions out of chairmanship? Rush Limbaugh says 'yes' in today's political update.

AL.COM – Contributor Clete Wetli:  Gov. Bentley has epiphany over the state budget shortfall.

AL.COM - 31,000 undocumented immigrants in Alabama covered under Obama's plan, advocacy group says.

AL.COM - Why do Republicans resist immigration reform? Here's why.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Survey Says: Alabama Business's Support LGBT

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Palmer Makes Term Limits Pledge

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Rainy Day Patriots To Host Convention Of States Organizer


DECATUR DAILY - Bentley: Students planning travel to West Africa should tell public health, will be monitored.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star:  Poverty in our midst.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - In Alabama, uncertainty over Obama's immigration action.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Board upholds VA's firing of Talton.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser: Why are they still on VA payroll?

WASHINGTON POST - Obama acts on immigration, announcing decision to defer deportations of 4 million.

WASHINGTON POST - Republicans confront own worst enemy on immigration.

WASHINGTON POST - Has the medical device tax shipped jobs overseas and stunted innovation?

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Catherine Rampell: The antitax push has done harm to state and local government.

NEW YORK TIMES - Some in GOP Fear That Their Hard-Liners Will Alienate Latino Voters

NEW YORK TIMES - Falling Wages at Factories Squeeze the Middle Class

NEW YORK TIMES – The New York Times:  Attorneys General for Sale

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Paul Krugman:  Suffer Little Children

NPR - Alabama Settlement Could Be Model For Handling Poor Defendants In Ferguson, Mo.

ENTERPRISE LEDGER - Lack of healthcare big problem in rural Alabama counties.

MOTHER JONES - Meet the Fortune 500 Companies Funding the Political Resegregation of America

Arise Daily News Digest 11-20-2014

AL.COM - Medicare fraud settlements generated much of $7.5 million collected by north Alabama federal prosecutors.

AL.COM -Gov. Bentley on a deeper budget hole: 'We don't have enough money to cover what we owe'.

AL.COM - Wyoming Republican Michael Enzi challenging Alabama's Jeff Sessions for chairman of Budget Committee.

AL.COM – Columnist John Archibald:  Mike Hubbard lawyers demand tapes of media conversations with AG, trade jabs with prosecutors.

AL.COM - Fewer Alabama teens having babies, more good and bad numbers from Kids Count Data Book.

AL.COM - Republican redistricting 'farce' tried to eliminate white Democrats, Joe Reed says.

AL.COM - Kids Count Alabama annual report shows more living in poverty; demographics changing.

AL.COM - Report: Wilcox County's GD Copper votes to join steelworkers union.

AL.COM - President Obama to unveil immigration plan in Thursday night address.

AL.COM - Obama's executive order could cover as many as 15,000 undocumented immigrants in Alabama.

AL.COM - GOP blasts Democrat chief's comments that white Alabama voters should 'use their brains': Today in state politics.

AL.COM – Columnist Cameron Smith:  If Democratic Party leaders in Alabama were football coaches, would they keep their jobs?

AL.COM – Contributor Pepper Bryars:  Senator Jeff Sessions is now a man with a plan.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Davis Addresses False Allegations Made by Hubbard and His Attorney

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Hubbard Attorney Reacts To Davis Statements

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Reporter Bill Britt:  Beware:  You Are Next

LOS ANGELES TIMES - The Los Angeles Times:  Alabama a glaring example of problems with the death penalty.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - The Times Daily:  Regulation of Internet would benefit public.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Ala. House Speaker Mike Hubbard vows bold GOP reforms.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star:  Montgomery money woes.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Columnist Josh Moon:  Unions aren't the problem for Alabama workers.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser:  Law 'rolls' budgets back too far.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - More than 40 become American citizens at Ala. Ceremony.

TRUSSVILLE TRIBUNE - Columnist Steve Flowers’ Inside the Statehouse: Gov. Bentley was unbeatable this election year.

WASHINGTON POST - Obama’s immigration order poses political challenges for both parties.

WASHINGTON POST - State-level spending grew last year, thanks largely to Obamacare.

WASHINGTON POST - Few employers dropping health benefits, surveys find.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist George Will:  The Justice Department becomes a schoolyard bully in Wisconsin.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Harold Meyerson:  Obama calculates the human cost of deportations.

WASHINGTON POST - In Alabama, traffic woes vs. Southern charm.

NEW YORK TIMES - Immigration Has Republican Governors Seething and Facing Practical Challenges

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times:  At Long Last, Immigration Action

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Charles Blow:  The Solid South Will Rise Again

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Nicholas Kristof:  Do Politicians Love Kids?