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Alabama budget provides more coverage for children

By Phillip Rawls, Associated Press Writer

Working families struggling to pay their children's medical bills may get help from a decision by the Alabama Legislature to expand the state's insurance program for chyildren by an estimated 14,000 youngsters.

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Time running out on removing Alabama grocery tax

Montgomery Advertiser editorial

If the Alabama Legislature is finally going to move toward eliminating the state portion of the sales tax on groceries -- something that should have been done years ago -- lawmakers need to act next week.

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Voters like the grocery tax repeal

Huntsville Times editorial

I won't kid you. The proposal to repeal the state sales tax on groceries has only a small chance of passing the Legislature this term. Little time is left, and earlier efforts to bring the bill up for debate on the House floor failed. Even so, a new survey suggests that the legislators who oppose the measure -- mostly Republicans, but some Democrats are also skittish -- may be out of touch with the majority of Alabamians.

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Democrats to try again on bill to remove tax on groceries

By Bob Johnson, The Associated Press

Democrats in the Alabama House plan to try today for the fourth time this session to remove the state's 4 percent sales tax on groceries, but even a change offered by its sponsor is unlikely to help the measure pass.

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PBS "NOW" program features Arise's tax reform work

An episode of the PBS news program "NOW" won a 2008 Emmy Award for its coverage of Arise's work to reform the Alabama tax system.

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More research needed before deregulation

Tuscaloosa News editorial

It is hardly surprising when big money wins out over common sense in the Alabama Senate, but a vote last week to completely deregulate telephone service was particularly galling.

On one side was telecommunications giant AT&T, with deep pockets but weak arguments. On the other side was an unlikely combination of consumer advocates who did have facts and strong reasons why some protections should remain for the public.

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Poverty & state taxes

Huntsville Times editorial on Alabama income tax threshold report.

A new study highlights problems facing the poor in this state

In Alabama, the poor aren't just always with us; they also face more problems than those with low incomes elsewhere. And one reason is state government.

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Whole lotto college for our neighbors

Anniston Star editorial

Last week, Kimble Forrester, state coordinator for Alabama Arise, reminded me that recessions in 1991 and the early part of this decade spurred reformers to improve the state tax code.

"Both times, taxes would have been higher at the top and lower at the bottom, with an overall increase to improve education," Forrester said. "Both times, the business community had both strong champions and strong opponents.

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Let citizenry vote on grocery tax

Montgomery Advertiser editorial

For several years now, the Legislature has wrangled over whether to eliminate the state portion of the sales taxes on groceries while effectively raising the state income tax to replace the lost revenue. But each year, the legislation bogs down. Here's a novel concept for legislators: Let the people of Alabama decide.


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Some DHR child care subsidies at risk

By Markeshia Ricks

Montgomery Advertiser

Advocates for low-income Alabama families are calling on the governor and the state Legislature to save a subsidy program that helps make child care affordable so parents can keep working.

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