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IDA bill is worthy

Before the Memorial Day break, the Alabama Senate had the wisdom to pass a bill that could make a real difference in the lives of many Alabamians. The state House of Representatives should pass it, as well.

This Anniston Star editorial urges lawmakers to pass the IDA bill, one of Arise's 2011 legislative priorities.

Untax food in Alabama? No how, no way

If convincing a Democratic-controlled Legislature to take the state sales tax off food was like a climb up Mount Cheaha, getting Republicans who now run the show to buy into the plan is akin to scaling Mount Everest. Without Sherpa guides. Or crampons. Or ropes. Or oxygen.

This Birmingham News editorial examines Alabama's out-of-whack tax system and our ongoing failure to fix it.

Alabama's failure of governance

Methodically, coldly, like a 6-year-old wielding a Ginsu, Montgomery lawmakers are carving off the arms and legs of Alabama, all in the name of fiscal survival. The scars are deep. Soon, only the dismembered torso will remain.

This Anniston Star editorial sees Governor Bentley and the Legislature conducting a "Reign of Budgetary Terror."

Rep. Knight proposes eliminating federal income tax deduction to raise revenue

With a down economy and layoffs looming in the public sector, state Rep. John Knight today changed his game plan in his long-running effort to remove the state sales tax on food. This time he also wants to generate millions in new revenue for the state.

This Huntsville Times article details the new tax reform plan Rep. Knight unveiled at Arise Lobby Day.

Why Lobby Day?

Families and businesses typically manage hard times in two ways: by reducing expenses and increasing revenue. Hard times demand pursuit of those two paths when expenses are unyieldingly high or revenue is woefully inadequate. Not so in Alabama, where perennially underfunded services and sparse revenue streams are the consequences of custom, codification and constitutional enforcement.

This Montgomery Advertiser column by Vanzetta McPherson examines the issues driving today's Alabama Arise Lobby Day.

No pain, no gain?

There is little doubt the poor will be hit hardest by the loss of state services. Unfortunately, it seems few people in Montgomery are willing to change that reality.


This Birmingham News editorial endorses the Arise position that cuts alone won't solve the General Fund problem.

A closer look at tax refund loans

Piedmont Journal article

The signs are everywhere. "Fast tax refunds," "Quick cast" and "Instant refund," but what is harder to see in the bright colors and glitter are hidden fees and the large interest rates required just to get a tax refund check as little as one week earlier.

Read article here.

New tax law may hold surprise for working poor

Anniston Star article

When President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans cut a deal on the extension of Bush-era tax cuts last month, the move was billed as a tax reduction for all. But the working poor may find an unpleasant surprise in their paychecks this month, says one tax expert.

Read article here.

Activists hunger for repeal of grocery tax

(Jasper) Daily Mountain Eagle article

Justin Thompson shops on Saturday at Son's grocery story in Jasper. Alabama, unlike most states, applies sales tax to groceries. Some believe this should be changed. With Alabama ranking No. 1 in the nation for hunger in a recent government study, many people are calling for the repeal of the state's 4 percent sales tax on groceries. However, the political climate appears to be unsupportive of the change, according to local lawmakers.

Read article here.

Recession brings record need for Alabama social services

Birmingham News editorial

More than one million in Alabama were enrolled in Medicaid in the 2010 fiscal year, a record number largely driven by children in working families. Alabama enrollment in safety net programs such as Medicaid and food stamps swelled dramatically during the recession, according to state records.

"There is an exploding demand for public services," said Arise policy analyst Chris Sanders.

Read article here.

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