Medicaid expansion would be a huge plus for Alabama's working adults

The number of people without health care coverage in Alabama remained high in 2013, according to Census Bureau data released Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014. More than one in five working-age Alabamians, and more than one in eight Alabamians overall, lacked health insurance last year. The state's uninsured rate showed no progress between 2012 and 2013.

Medicare, Medicaid and ALL Kids play a significant role in ensuring health coverage for children and seniors in Alabama. Nearly 96 percent of children were insured last year, as were almost all seniors. By expanding Medicaid to cover more people, Alabama could boost the number of low-income, working-age adults who have health insurance, ACPP executive director Kimble Forrister said.

"We have the chance to help those who can't afford health insurance receive the care they need at a very low cost to the state," Forrister said. "Medicaid expansion would be good for our residents, good for our hospitals and good for our economy. It would be a mistake to let this opportunity pass."

Read ACPP's news release here.

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