Expand Medicaid and end Alabama's cycle of shortfalls

Arise Citizens Policy Project executive director Kimble Forrister issued the following statement Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016, after the Alabama Legislature passed a bill to use BP settlement money to stop deep Medicaid cuts in Alabama:

“We’re relieved that the Legislature pulled Alabama back from the brink of devastating Medicaid cuts that would have hurt more than 1 million people – mostly children, seniors, and people with disabilities. And we’re pleased to see lawmakers take steps to help shore up Medicaid funding for the next two years. Still, the bottom line is that we got yet another temporary solution. Vulnerable Alabamians’ access to health care shouldn’t be left up to stopgaps or one-time money.

“Medicaid is essential to the hospitals and clinics on which we all rely. Putting our state’s health care infrastructure at risk is no way to build a stronger Alabama. Neither is lurching from one crisis to another because of a repeated failure to solve the General Fund’s long-term shortfall.

“Alabama needs sustainable new revenue for General Fund services, and Medicaid expansion should be part of the solution. Closing the coverage gap for working people and college students would keep folks healthier, create thousands of jobs, and save the state millions of dollars on mental health care and other services. Expanding Medicaid would be a victory for Alabama’s economy, budgets and families.”

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