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Arise statement on proposed General Fund budget cuts

"Wednesday's budget hearings showed us a state moving backward. Our leaders talk of shared sacrifice, but they shut out any consideration of new revenue. The vision they offer of a 'broke' state simply hides the real culprit -- our broken tax system.

"A state budget is a moral document. The cuts we heard agency heads describe -- closing community mental health centers, freezing enrollment in children's health insurance, reducing court days, leaving forests more vulnerable to catastrophic fires, failing to preserve our history -- are immoral and deliberate. If Governor Bentley and the Legislature wanted to set a different course, they could take a balanced approach that blends careful cuts with new revenue. We can't cut our way to a better Alabama."

                                                                          -- Kimble Forrister, State Coordinator

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Arise calls for tax expenditure report in ethics reform

In testimony at a public hearing before the Alabama Legislature, Arise state coordinator Kimble Forrister called for adding a tax expenditure report to the slate of ethics reforms the body is considering in a special session. More than 40 states offer a one-stop list of who receives tax breaks, in what amount, and for what purpose, Forrister told lawmakers. "Like a state spending report, a tax expenditure report reveals our state's priorities -- and who stands to benefit."

Read Kimble's testimony here.

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At you can view a sample ballot for your county, and by clicking "My Polling Place" you can learn what district you're in for local, state and national elections.

Amendment 2: When your county renews a tax to fund your schools, should a majority prevail?

Property taxes to fund schools are allowed in Alabama counties by several constitutional amendments. There’s a 1-mill tax, three 3-mill taxes, and a five-mill tax, for a potential total of 15 mills. (A mill is 0.1 percent, or $1 for every $1,000 of the taxable value of your property.)

Every 20 or 30 years, you may get a chance to renew your education taxes. For most of the taxes, a majority vote will renew them. For the 1-mill tax, it takes a three-fifths vote.

Amendment 2 will permit the 1-mill tax to pass by a simple majority like the other taxes.


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