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Alabama's state income tax for poverty-line families still nation's highest

Alabama families of four in 2009 owed the country's highest state income tax on poverty-line earnings, according to an annual report released today by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), a nonprofit research group in Washington, D.C. Alabama families also began to owe state income tax at the second lowest income level in the nation, the CBPP found.

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New report compares GOP and Obama tax plans

Upcoming congressional decisions on which federal tax cuts to continue or end could have very different effects on Alabamians depending on their incomes, according to a recent report by Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ), a nonprofit research organization in Washington, D.C.

The bottom 60 percent of Alabama taxpayers would pay an average of $180 more in 2011 under congressional Republicans' Proposal than under President Obama's plan, the CTJ study found. CTJ also found that the top 1 percent of Alabama taxpayers would pay $36,838 less, on average, under the GOP plan than under Obama's proposal.

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Human rights review team visits Alabama

Alabamians played an important role in measuring how the United States is meeting its human rights obligations as a review team visited the state on April 22. The Birmingham event was one of 11 such meetings being held across the country this spring. The public consultations are part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) conducted every four years to assess how effectively United Nations member countries are fulfilling the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, and subsequent human rights treaties. This is the first UPR of the United States.

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Alabama Arise statement on House defeat of grocery tax bill

"We are deeply disappointed that only 54 state representatives voted to bring the 'untax groceries' bill, House Bill 1, up for floor debate, while 42 voted against it. The Yes votes were 53 Democrats and one Republican, Rep. Spencer Collier of Irvington. All 42 No votes came from Republicans."

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Lack of health insurance shortens Alabama lives, study shows

Nearly 6,000 uninsured Alabamians have died prematurely since 1994, the year Washington last attempted health care reform, according to a report released today by Families USA, a nonprofit health care consumer advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C.

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