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Remember Alabama's jobless on Labor Day

Alabama lawmakers should remember the struggles facing the state's rising numbers of unemployed workers on this Labor Day weekend, ACPP executive director Kimble Forrister said Friday.

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Poll:Strong support for grocery tax repeal

Almost two-thirds of Alabamians support a plan to end the state sales tax on groceries and increase income taxes for people with six-figure incomes, according to a recent poll by the Capital Survey Research Center.

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Economic independence hard to achieve for many Alabama families

The annual income required for Alabama families to meet basic needs without public or private assistance in 2007 was well above the federal poverty threshold, according to a recent update to The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Alabama, a report prepared for Arise Citizens' Policy Project.

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Alabama fails to protect individual health insurance consumers

Insurance companies can deny health coverage to Alabamians with pre-existing conditions, refuse to pay for services needed to treat common ailments, and yank policies and deny payments when a consumer faces a rash of medical bills, Kimble Forrister of Arise Citizens' Policy Project (ACPP) said today. A new report shows that Alabama has no authority to protect consumers from such abuses.

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How much does Alabama give away in tax breaks?

Alabama is one of nine states that do not publish a report listing the tax breaks given to corporations and individuals, according to a study released today by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research group based in Washington, D.C.

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