Our Mission, Values and Strategies

ACPP at a glance

Arise Citizens' Policy Project  (ACPP), founded in 1994, is a statewide nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of 150 congregations and community groups and hundreds of individuals united in their belief that low-income people are suffering because of state policy decisions. Through ACPP, groups and individuals join together to promote state policies to improve the lives of low-income Alabamians. In a state that by many measures is the worst place for poor people to live in the United States, ACPP believes acts of charity are vital, but they are not enough; we must work to improve harmful state policies. ACPP provides a structure in which Alabamians can engage in public debates with the goal of improving the welfare of all Alabamians. Donations to ACPP, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible.

ACPP's sister organization, Alabama Arise, is a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization, formed in 1988, with the same membership.

ACPP uses three kinds of activities to promote fairer state policies toward low-income Alabamians:

  • Policy analysis -- The Arise policy team studies current state policies and legislative proposals and analyzes their impact on "the least of these."
  • Statewide organizing -- Arise believes low-income people deserve a voice in the development of public policies that affect their lives.
  • Citizen advocacy -- Arise works to equip its members for active participation in the democratic process, including legislative advocacy.

Our mission

Arise is a statewide citizens' organization composed of faith and community groups that promotes state policies that improve the lives of low-income people.

Our vision

Arise envisions an Alabama...

...where all people have resources and opportunities to reach their potential to live happy, productive lives, and each successive generation is ensured a secure and healthy future.

... where all government leaders are responsive, inclusive and justice-serving, and the people are engaged in the policy-making process.

... where all people live with concern for the common good and respect for the humanity of every person.

Our core values

1.  Agape We strive to practice unconditional love, an understanding good will that suffers and works for life for all.

2.  Social, economic and environmental justice We seek fairness and a high quality of life for every person in the community.

3.  Truth-telling We speak the truth to those in power.

4.  Universal access We believe that every person deserves access to the resources necessary for functioning in society and achieving full potential.

5.  The credibility of poor people The insights of low-income Alabamians guide our understanding of poverty.

6.  Structural change We believe that the primary causes of poverty are systemic, not individual.

7.   Participatory democracy Well-informed members determine our agenda and shape public policy decisions.

8.   High integrity We will not compromise our values to win.

9.   Mutual respect We strive to be sensitive to the deeply held beliefs of member groups.

Our long-term policy outcome goals

1.  A fair, adequate and simple state tax system

2.  A restorative criminal justice system rather than a punitive system (including abolition of the death penalty)

3.  A new state constitution that reflects our core values

4.  A state budget that provides adequate services (such as education, child care, health care and transportation) for low-income people

5.  Wages, benefits and policies that provide economic security for all working people in the state

6.  Safe, affordable, accessible and adequate housing for all Alabamians

Our members' 2018-19 issue priorities

1.  Adequate funding for health care, child care, education and other human services

2.  Tax reform

3.  State funding for the Alabama Public Transportation Trust Fund

4.  Payday lending reform and title lending reform

5.  Automatic universal voter registration

6.  Criminal justice debt reforms, including changes related to cash bail and civil asset forfeiture

7.  Death penalty reform

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