Looking back to plan ahead

Thank you to all who worked on the "untax groceries" campaign this year! Thousands of people called or wrote their representatives, yet we were stunned when House members failed to achieve the 3/5 majority to bring House Bill 1 up for debate. It's time to go back to the drawing board.

We'd like to know what you think. Should we change our bill? Should we change the way we involve our supporters? What will it take to gain the support of 3/5 of the Legislature and the majority of Alabama voters? Please take a couple of minutes to fill out our 10-question survey. Your input will help inform our strategy decisions over the summer.

Don't forget to get back to your representative. Those who voted Yes deserve a hearty thank-you. Those who voted No, protecting the low taxes of the top 4 percent instead of cutting grocery taxes for 100 percent, need to be held accountable. You can find how your representative voted here. And remember to keep this issue alive during campaign season. Don't forget to vote on June 1!

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