Use our comment tool: Speak out against Alabama's plan to take Medicaid away from thousands of parents in poverty

Alabama Medicaid officials are still trying to take health coverage away from thousands of parents – mostly mothers – who are struggling to make ends meet. More than 700 Alabamians like you spoke out against a harmful work requirement proposal this spring, and your comments are making a difference.

Now we have a new, unexpected opportunity to raise our voices on this issue. Click here to tell the state once again that you oppose this plan to take health coverage away from parents in deep poverty!

Federal officials have sent Alabama’s plan back for another round of public comments at the state level. We need your help to make sure Medicaid hears loud and clear that the work requirement creates a catch-22 for people in deep poverty. It hurts children and families. It hurts the state budget. And it violates the core mission of Medicaid.

All comments must be submitted by Thursday, August 30, 2018, so please act NOW to ensure your voice is heard. Thank you for speaking out!

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