SB 285: Adding red tape that would deny food and cash assistance to thousands of low-income Alabamians

SB 285 is a solution in search of a problem. The bill would add huge amounts of red tape that would deny food assistance and cash welfare to thousands of low-income Alabamians – many of them seniors or people with disabilities – who are doing nothing wrong. SB 285 also could cost Alabama tens of millions of dollars to implement during a difficult budget year, and it would not save the state money.

SB 285 would reduce Alabama’s flexibility in the administration of SNAP and TANF, make it more difficult for otherwise eligible households to apply for and receive assistance, and impose expensive and unnecessary verification and data collection procedures on the Department of Human Resources (DHR) and Medicaid. Policy analyst Carol Gundlach’s analysis of SB 285 details 13 things to know about how and why the bill would hurt low-income Alabamians and cost the state money.

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