Session enters final stretch

More than 1,000 bills have been introduced thus far this session. With a maximum of seven meeting days remaining, it will be “move or die” time when the Legislature returns next week. Of the 120-plus bills we’re following, here are a few highlights and their prospects:


SB 133 – General Fund (GF) budget for 2012. Two chambers passed different versions. Senate has appointed its conference committee members, and House must follow suit. The GF and Education budgets are the only bills the constitution requires the Legislature to pass.


HB 123  – Education budget for 2012. Passed both houses with amendments, now in conference committee.


HB 480  – The “untax groceries” bill. Must move out of House Ways & Means Education Committee in first week back to stay viable.


HB 60/SB 215 – Constitutional amendment to prohibit individual mandate in Affordable Care Act. House passed its version, Senate committee reported Senate bill out.


HB 380/SB 384 – Equal Pay Commission bill. Has three days to move.


HB 423/SB 316 – Changes by Realtors and other landlord interests to Landlord-Tenant Act 2006. Both versions have moved out of committee.


See our full Bills of Interest list.


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