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Manual de los arrendatarios de Alabama

Mas de 500.000 familias de Alabama viven en una vivienda arrendada. Durante mucho tiempo, no hubo una ley estatal que protegiera los derechos de los arrendatarios. Desde el 1 de enero de 2007, todo esto cambiara. Ahora tenemos la Ley de Arrendadores ye Arrendatarios de Alabama, la cual contribuira a garantizar que cada casa y apartamento arrendados constituyan una vivienda digna.

Manual de los arrendatarios de Alabama

Legislative Advocacy 101

ACPP members are putting democracy to work to address the causes and effects of poverty in Alabama. One of the essential tools for this effort is an understanding of how the legislative process works and where individuals can make a difference in the process.

This slide show covers the nuts and bolts of state lawmaking and citizen advocacy.


The Alabama Tenants' Handbook

More than 500,000 Alabama households live in rental housing. For a long time, there was no state law protecting the rights of renters. As of January 1, 2007, it's a different story. We now have the Alabama Landlord-Tenant Law to help make sure every rental house and apartment is a decent place to live.

This handbook tells you what's in the landlord-tenant law, along with some basic information for renters.

The State of Working Alabama 2008

What if this is as good as it gets? That's a question many Alabama workers may ask themselves in the near future as this year's national economic slump continues. The state's economy has been healthy in a number of areas since the business cycle last peaked in 2001. The unemployment level is below the national and regional averages. Alabama has added a net of almost 100,000 jobs since 2001. The labor force is more diverse than it was when the decade began. And the state is still ahead of the national curve for the percentage of children with health insurance converage. But warning signs of a potential downturn abound for many working Alabamians.

Read full report here.

The State of Working Alabama 2007

The rising tide hasn't lifted all boats in Alabama.  The state's economy has grown in a number of ways since the recession of 2001-02. The unemployment level is notably below the national and regional average, with some areas of the state experiencing what economists would call full employment. Almost 100,000 new jobs have been created since 2002. Median wages for college graduates have risen at a higher rate in Alabama than in the South or the United States since the turn of the century. And the state is still ahead of the national curve for the percentage of children with health insurance. But for many working Alabamians, the news is far from sunshine and rainbows.

Read full report here.

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