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ACPP Annual Report 2018

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Change and persistence. Those two words, perhaps more than any others, capture the essence of Arise’s work. Sweeping change – the realization of our vision for a state where everyone has a voice and a chance to get ahead – is our ultimate goal. Dogged persistence – the years and decades that our members selflessly devote to grassroots advocacy – is how we seek to make that goal a reality.

Arise members opened 2017-18 by fighting to protect the Affordable Care Act and closed the year by saying goodbye to longtime executive director Kimble Forrister, who retired after 27 years at the helm. In between, we pushed hard against proposals to cut Medicaid for thousands of Alabama parents living in deep poverty and enjoyed important breakthroughs in our efforts to protect SNAP food assistance for struggling families and promote state funding for public transportation. We also welcomed two new organizers, a new policy analyst and a new communications associate.

With our members’ advocacy and support, we’re building a movement for a future with opportunity for all and poverty for none. It’s needed change – and with your help, Arise will be persistent in working for it.

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ACPP Annual Report 2017

Despite it all, we stand tall. The last year has been difficult, but with your help, we survived and thrived. Arise always prefers to focus on proactive policies to reduce poverty and promote inclusion. But a tough political landscape forced us to spend much of 2016-17 playing defense. We needed Arise members to step up in a big way – and you did it in a big way. You helped block deep Medicaid cuts and stop repeal of the Affordable Care Act. You helped push a bill to end judicial override in Alabama death penalty cases across the finish line. And you once again helped Arise set new records for individual membership and giving. We've weathered lots of storms this year, and thanks to you, our movement for change has stayed strong.

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ACPP Annual Report 2016

We'll keep moving forward. "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." With those words, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., reminded us that change does not always happen overnight, and that progress does not always move in a straight line. But history has shown, time and again, that when advocates with a vision for a brighter future keep speaking out and keep on believing, their efforts pay off in a better world. Building a better Alabama for all is important, long-term work, and Arise members like you are playing a crucial role in carrying that work forward.

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ACPP Annual Report 2015

Together, we're getting results. The pace of change can feel frustratingly slow at times. But 2015 was not one of those times. Several breakthroughs brought us closer to the day when the shared vision we’ve worked toward for so long – a state where everyone has a voice and a chance to get ahead – moves from dream to reality. This year, we saw the beginning of a statewide payday loan database and the end of Alabama's lifetime SNAP and TANF ban for people with a felony drug conviction. Your determination has fueled big wins for low-income Alabamians, and together, we’re poised to enjoy even more victories in the years to come.

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ACPP Annual Report 2014

You have a vision for a better Alabama for all – and you’re not alone. Across the state and across the country, thousands of you have banded together – as individuals, as members of your churches or community groups – to work toward a more inclusive Alabama. We all share a goal: a state where everyone has a chance to lead a happy and productive life, where everyone has a voice in the policymaking process, where everyone works to promote the common good. It’s a bold vision for a brighter future. Together, we’re making it a reality.

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